Dan Sullivan – Personal Trainer

Dan is an exercise specialist who has been transforming lives on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years “I’m doing the occupation that I have always dreamt of”.  A sunshine coast original, Dan lives and breathes active living. “I take every opportunity to move my body and I am passionate about health and living a happy life. My childhood revolved around sport, every day I would participate in some form of activity and doing so succussed at great levels. So it was only natural that by completing a diploma in recreation and a degree in human movement science that I would pursue a career in fitness – a lifetime ambition.”

Dan has a special interest in changing the way people perceive exercise “Removing the thought pattern from discomfort to pleasure, exercise or movement  needs to be sustainable if it is going to be of any benefit. I apply behavioural changes and health coaching principles to my training methods so that clients are transformed holistically … forever. Establishing a new level of wellness with my clients is not negotiable.”

Dan has been coaching most of his clients for over 15 years. Dan will support, educate and progress you to achieve the best out of yourself. Understanding that change can be a daunting process Dan will guide you to success at your pace.

Dan loves spending time with his wife Nadine and three daughters nurturing and installing great values with good health …… we practice what we preach! When Dan is not working with clients expect to find him running, climbing, mountain biking swimming, lifting or just walking on the beach as the sun goes down. Dan’s favourite line is, ‘Life is a story go and make one.”


So if want results … call me 54791212, I will not disappoint you!

Dan Sullivan
Local media article featuring interview with Dan Sullivan


Interview with Dan Sullivan as seen in Profile Magazine 

The Sunshine Coast is a natural place to get outdoors and get healthy. Profile’s Genine Howard talks with personal trainer and owner of Active Living dan sullivan to find out his secrets to health success and discovers that even personal trainers need to work on their fitness!

Dan Sullivan is one determined man, a man who followed his dreams and started a personal training business and gym out of a basement car park in Mooloolaba with a few rusty dumb bells and an old bike. It was 2003. What a year that was for Dan – in the same year he started Active Living, his father (his number one mentor) passed away, as did a close friend, and he also met the girl of his dreams – his now-wife and mother to his two beautiful girls. Today, Active Living is a roaring success, having developed into a wellness company with a holistic approach to health and fitness. Dan happily balances his passion for fitness with his three loving girls.

profile: What is your personal philosophy when it comes to health and well-being?

dan: Imagine your body as a Ferrari or a huge diamond ring, would you protect it? Nurture it? Like to show it off and be proud of it? Everyone has a Ferrari and a huge diamond ring, it’s your body, it’s you … no one can take that away from you. Cultivate your spirit to be the best you can be by having a schmicko vehicle to drive in.

profile: Do you consider yourself a fit and healthy person?

dan: Fitness is a broad term which I don’t believe relates to your physical capabilities alone. I consider the physical, chemical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. Although these dimensions of wellness change every day with me I would currently rate myself a seven out of 10 overall.

profile: How do you keep fit and healthy?

dan: First and foremost my attitude, secondly set goals, and last but not least, turn up, give 100 per cent and keep doing it.

profile: What sports and fitness activities do you participate in?

dan: Genetically I am a power athlete, however, I am quite partial to endurance activities these days – triathlons, marathons and adventure racing.

profile: What’s your favourite ‘good’ food?

dan: Olives, olives and more olives – I love eating olives with my gals at 5:30pm and discussing the events of our days.

profile: What’s your favourite ‘indulgence’ food?

dan: Mount Vesuvius pizza from Augello’s, it’s the best! I was banned from having them once and it nearly destroyed me.

profile: Western medicine or natural medicine? What’s your preference?

dan: Both have a place in our society, it’s more a question of reactive or proactive. Proactive all the way. Your best insurance policy is taking responsibility for your actions.

profile: What health tips do you swear by?

dan: My daily fit five. 1. Daily movement action – move your body some way every day. 2. Daily eat well action – make a point of having fruit and vegies every day. 3. Daily feel good action – make someone else feel good about themselves, you will feel good in return. 4. Daily learning action – learn something today you didn’t know yesterday. 5. Daily relaxation action – purposeful voidness, release the chatter from your mind … meditation is great.

profile: What reality TV show would you be most likely to appear on?

dan: World’s Strictest Parents, there would be no jeans halfway down the legs or lumps of steel in ears, I think I could have some fun with this. On a serious note, education starts at home and discipline is essential if you want to lead a successful life.

profile: Favourite pastime or hobby?

dan: I love my media room, snuggling up watching movies with my wife, especially the old ones from the 1940s starring Charlie Chaplin or John Wayne.

profile: What would your dream job be?

dan: I would love to travel, attend every major sporting event in the world, write about them and present a documentary.

profile: What’s your favourite spot here at home? How do you explore your region?

dan: Noosa National Park – I have a lot of fond memories as a child spending summers there. Generally, I explore the region via swimming, running and cycling.

profile: Greatest sporting achievement?

dan: Completing the New York City Marathon, it reminded me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I questioned every facet of my life from my purpose to my basic physiological requirements – an absolutely amazing experience.