Nadine Sullivan-Personal Trainer

A classical trained dancer, order from the young age of 2 years old Nadine fell in love with dance and the art of expression through music.  Nadine’s extensive dance experience has seen her achieve many accolades from her work on stage over the years. In the late 90’s Nadine establish her own Dance school- Impact Dance Academy, health before partnering with her husband of 10 years Dan to establish Activeliving The Wellness Company in 2003.

After years of struggling with an eating disorder, extremely low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and agoraphobia Nadine discovered the key to not only over coming her own demons but in the process a safe, effective and healthy way to stay fit, strong and control weight gain. Motivated by her own success Nadine specialises in inspiring, motivating and empowering women and teenage girls, who need a little helping hand in recognizing and believing in their own awesomeness!

Nadine is known for her holistic approach to training encompassing nutrition, exercise and lifestyle when tailoring her programs to produce dramatic results that last a life time. With the core belief that all clients with SUPPORT, EDUCATION and PROGRESSION can and will achieve their goals Nadine strives to equipped her clients with strategies to combat those inner voices that have held them back in the past to achieve success.

Nadine before and afterNadine before she decide to take control of her inner voice (left)  and Nadine after (right) click to enlarge

With Nadine’s involvement over the past 10 years in the health and wellness industry teamed with her personal experiences Nadine now provides wellness education for large companies in the corporate sector. Nadine is also a confident workshop presenter and motivational speaker. She is passionate about health and well-being for all, and understands what women want and need in health, weight loss and fitness – understanding the challenges that busy lifestyles bring and the physical and emotional demands required.

The most powerful tool Nadine uses to keep her body and mind in balance is physical activity, so when Nadine is not mentoring clients or working on growing her business at  Activeliving you will find her practising what she preaches, Playing at the park with her two beautiful daughter Kit 6 and KoKo 5, being coached in another of her passions Kick boxing ( we secretly think she will get in the ring one of these days ), running along Mooloolaba beach,  attending Ballet Classes, Kayaking or Climbing Mountains.

Would you like a no obligation chat with Nadine drop her a line  or call the studio 54791212.

Nadine in Profile Magazine
Nadine Sullivan as the cover story in Profile Magazine. Click on the image to open a full pdf of the story to read.