Vanessa Nunn

What does it mean to have good health? Is it purely the absence of disease or is it something much more than this? Can you imagine having absolute vitality, denture an abundance of energy and complete comfort in your body, for sale mind and emotions? This is what I believe good health means, yet so many of us are missing out on this total experience. It is true that some people will have a harder time achieving this state due to varying degrees of health challenges and life experiences, but I always maintain that this equilibrium should be our ultimate goal.

I am Vanessa Nunn, a naturopath passionate about helping others achieve freedom from their health complaints and helping them achieve a state that is far greater than just the cessation of symptoms. If you have this objective, it does require commitment to some lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as potentially needing to take supplements such as nutrients, homoeopathics or herbal medicine, but the results can be absolutely amazing and are well worth it.

I finished my Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2007 and graduated with High Distinction. I started in private practice in 2008 in Melbourne. Amongst many wonderful mentors I have had over the years, a highlight was working alongside Greg Connoly in our Elsternwick practice, which was specialised in treating cancer patients. In 2010 I moved with my husband and two children to the Sunshine Coast and joined the wonderful team at Active Living, which is where I now run my practice from. I write articles for a few great health sites and also have a regular spot in the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Naturopathy is helpful for improving a wide variety of conditions and complaints from tiredness to tinea, fatty liver to fibromyalgia. If you are wondering whether naturopathy may be for you or be able to help with a specific problem or health concern, just send me an email and ask! Some extra treatments and tests that I run in my practice include live blood screening, iridology, urinary (dysbiosis) indicant testing, pH testing, food intolerance (IgG) testing, biomesotherapy and body composition (bioimpedence) measuring.

I welcome any questions, ideas and feedback; after all, this is about you and your health! Achieving good health and absolute vitality can begin quite simply by having the intention and commitment to make change. I have seen even the smallest modifications in diet and lifestyle have a profound effect on the body, so there is no need to feel overwhelmed, all that is needed is baby steps in the right direction. I look forward to working with you and assisting you on your journey to great health!