When enough is enough…

I started seeing Nadine almost 3 months ago.  For a long time I had been feeling like I never had  energy or motivation to do anything.  Going to work, watching tv and sleeping were about all the activities I was able to muster on a daily basis.  I wasn’t happy, not only with my general wellbeing but also with the way that I started to see myself physically.  I was starting to put on weight, and this was the first time in my life that I hadn’t been happy with the way I looked, a scary realization.  To cope with this I simply covered myself up (moo moo’s were a personal favourite!).   Out of sight, out of mind… right?

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On top of all of this my husband and I decided to start trying to get pregnant.  We tried for 7 months with no luck.  It’s hard to explain the feeling you get each month when you realize you have been unsuccessful.. again.   You feel as though you have failed to do something that should come so easily to you as a woman.  It’s just so hard to understand why, why can’t I get pregnant, why not me?  Everyone else around me seem to get pregnant at the drop of a hat, but it just won’t happen for me.  I started temping and timing our baby dancing down to days and hours!  I was so wrapped up in the process of trying to make a baby, that I forgot about the rest of my life. I decided that something had to change.  Not only was I physically unhealthy, I was starting to become very emotionally fragile.  I’ve always been a very strong person who has always been able to get what I want, through hard work or persistence, but I just seemed to have no control over this.


My husband and I decided that we should stop trying for a while, and that I should start getting my health back on track.  Just simply making this decision was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  It was like I had been drowning for 7 months, but now had finally hit the surface of the water and could breathe again.  What a great feeling, I was going to take control of my life again.

I started training with Nadine and within a couple of weeks I could feel and see the changes starting to take place, what great motivation it is to see that it is possible to change.  Nadine has been such a strength for me, her caring and understanding nature combined with her amazing talent as a personal trainer have got me to where I am now… smaller, more toned & looking forward to a positive future with my husband and lots of babies… when the time is right for us.


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 I don’t listen to that voice in my head anymore that says I can’t do it…










My first goal with Nadine was to lose weight.  However, after training for only a short time I realized that I just needed to be happy again.  Happy with how I look but most importantly, with how I feel.  I feel amazing and so proud of myself for what I have achieved, with the help and support of Nadine.


Chuffed with my results so far....

Chuffed with my results so far….

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12 weeks into my first program any I'm feeling and looking amazing.

12 weeks into my first program and I’m feeling and looking amazing.

I now run an hour a day and take every opportunity I can to be active.  I don’t make excuses anymore, because quite frankly, I don’t want to!


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Enjoying the Glory of completing the inaugural Sunshine Color run with my gorgeous hubby Tim. 12 weeks prior to this I didn’t have the motivation or energy to even think about this event let alone compete. Activeliving is the only way to go.

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