21.1km Pffft just a jog in the PARK !

michelle pattersonI have always enjoyed exercise, thumb particularly running, and but I’ve never been very good at it or able to stay motivated for long. I love doing fun runs, mainly for the atmosphere, but there’s always been a competitive side of me that wants to be better! I approached Nadine in April 2013 because I was feeling unmotivated & bored with my current exercise regime. I confessed to Nadine that I had a goal of completing the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon in August 2013 but I had no idea how I was going to achieve that because I could barely run 10km without feeling ill. Nadine immediately told me I could do it & that between then & August we would focus on ‘learning to run better’ & doing lots of strength work on the muscles needed for running. Finally I had a plan! I also, for the first time, started to believe that I just might be able to do that Half Marathon! Since then, under Nadine’s guidance, my fitness & my running have greatly improved & will continue to improve. I registered for the Half Marathon & began to feel proud telling people that I was competing in it, rather than embarrassed.

Sunday August 25th I’m proud to say that I completed the Half Marathon in a time that I was very pleasantly surprised at. I absolutely loved every minute of it & am already planning another one!

I always look forward to my training sessions with Nadine & I know that she really does care about helping me achieve my goals. She is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition & how the body works so she is much more than just a personal trainer. I would recommend Nadine to anyone wanting to achieve their fitness/transformation goals whether they a beginner who has never exercised or someone like me who just needed a good kick up the backside in order to believe that I could do it!

Michelle Patterson

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