Active Start

Your risk FREE, story NO OBLIGATION option to experience personal training …

Over the next 2 weeks you’ll be exposed to the support, medstore education and progression needed to achieve better health. Your coach will provide you with an interactive experience of the benefits of having a fitness coach as part of your lifestyle, so you can see for yourself how this is a positive investment of your time, money and energy.

Coaching Session #1: Health Appraisal

Needs analysis. Firstly we need to get to know you and talk about the outcomes we want to achieve. We will have a look at where your current fitness levels are.

Coaching Session #2: PT Experience

From our findings your coach will give you a coaching experience and show you how your fitness appraisal findings can be improved.

Coaching Session #3: PT Experience

In your second physical session your coach will discuss feedback from your first session and expose you to strategies to maximise your results.

Coaching Session #4: Review & Nutrition

We will discuss your experience over the last 2 weeks and look at options going forward to the new you and most importantly the role that good nutrition plays in you achieving success.

The Active Start program has been designed to expose you to what it would be like to take your wellness to a new level of priority. Our philosophy is progression not perfection. Everybody can benefit from having someone keep them accountable, inspire you and provide direction. So the time to get active starts NOW!!!!!

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