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Loving it and want more? Several of our Activeliving Personal Trainers offer  group training sessions, so in between your Personal Training sessions you can squeeze in a session or two in a group format to keep you motivated and having fun.

We have selected ‘Tribe’ group training classes including Boxing, Yoga, Circuit and so much more. Get active and enjoy meeting other people while you get in shape. Designed by our specialist team of Activeliving Personal Trainers, these fun filled sessions ooze with personal attention while having the interaction of like minded participants, you get the best of both worlds. Read more below about which group session or ‘Tribe’ is best for you.

Group Training Timetable

The tribes

One for the warriors! Combat tribe will provide you with the discipline, confidence and self-respect to fight fat, and claim back the body that is rightfully yours. This tribe will provide you with a whole new appreciation of fitness as you learn how to use your 8 weapons hands, elbows, knees and feet … All for fun of course!

A blend of interval training and resistance training, this tribe boosts traditional circuit format that uses various fitness parameters to create intensity. A fun, interactive, anaerobic workout. This is our signature tribe and is headed up by one of the elders.

Gait is referred to as the 7th primal movement pattern this tribe will educate on the technique and train the energy systems required to leap tall buildings (or should I say tall mountains) in a single bound. You will come away with more stealth with your running.

“Free the animal within you “, this tribe is committed to making you strong and stable, ready for all that life has to throw at your way. This program uses the 6 primal movement patterns to build strong muscles all the way to the core. The format for this tribe is by way of strength challenges where you seek to continually achieve your personal Best.

Let’s dance to the rhythm of night, the sun has fallen, it’s time to let your hair down and let your body do the talking. This energetic, fun, interactive workout will have you buzzing let the tribe come alive and have the village grooving. This addictive cardio workout will have your heart racing.

What does it mean? It’s all about using oxygen, calories and plenty of them and you spend most of your time trying to get back up onto your feet and vertical. This tribe is tough and grubby designed to bring out the adventure in you, we have designed an easier version for the blokes.

Centring, stretching poised posing are the main course of this tranquil tribe. Let our resident yogi bring out the peaceful universe within and turn you into a wellness warrior.

This tribe will take you through the peaks and troughs of step, taking you on a powerful energetic journey of bounding, twisting and shuffling, while your heart rate escalates to whole new level of fitness.

Core training focuses on improving the stability and strength of the ‘powerhouse’ (abdominal muscles), our training develops inner control and awareness of these muscles. Powerhouse tribes concentrates on different methods of movement to engage and work with this important group of muscles.