Our philosophy

Activeliving Bodycoaching is the personal training system that guarantees support, viagra sale education and progression is achieved with your health. Our 90 day guided results programs are designed to specifically target wellness outcomes based on the results that you want to achieve.

Precise Care For Your Fitness

Our fitness professionals at Activeliving understand their obligation to guide you to achieve the results that you want. Our coaches continually strive to be top performers and this requires them to be precise.

PRECISE forges the values that our team live by;

Professional – a professional delivery of fitness services

Responsible – a responsible  attitude to client wellbeing

Excellence – we strive for the best outcome

Consistency – we constantly apply a disciplinary approach

Integrity – we operate with honesty and transparency

Service – the happiness of your experience is important to us

Evolve    progression is a constant state of change

Our fitness system prides itself on three key principles to deliver success to our clients:

Education through Accuracy

  • Our programs focus on achieving the right result not just a result
  • Management systems that guarantee our desired outcome
  • Tracking KPI so that we measure to manage – if you’re not assessing your guessing
  • Our programs create vision so that you can already see the outcome – before you do the hard work
  • Our programs provide the why’s, what’s and how’s to your new wellness lifestyle

Support through Accountability

  • A program that is tailored to your circumstances, that guides you at your level of readiness, at your pace
  • A committed coach that understands how important success is for you
  • Excellence in customer service & client management, continually, to your desired outcome
  • Goals that you own and are empowered to fulfil

 Progression through Adaption

  • Our programs turn fitness for an occasion into wellness for life
  • The Bodycoaching system turns fitness from discomfort into pleasure
  • Wellness should be a continually new experience, never resting on your laurels nor putting a cap on your health
  • Program structure ensures that success is inevitable – turning your “Big picture goals” into reality beginning with the next 90 days
  • Our programs provide variety and constant challenges where you will adopt a new attitude towards fitness


Your Activeliving Bodycoaching Fitness Coach conducts guided results programs in a variety of environments to achieve optimal success. Located on the beach front at Maroochydore we take full advantage of the great outdoors, we have our own pool and tennis court along with a well-appointed wellness centre specifically designed and equipped for coaching – not just a gym.