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Don’t listen to the voice in your head, that says you can’t do it – it’s a LIAR.

In January 2013 I walked into Activeliving feeling overweight, tired and self conscious.  I did a 90day PT program with Nadine and lost a total of 68cm from my body. These photos are me the real me, no fad diets, no pill popping just simply a change of lifestyle.  1yr later I have maintained my weight […]

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21.1km Pffft just a jog in the PARK !

I have always enjoyed exercise, thumb particularly running, and but I’ve never been very good at it or able to stay motivated for long. I love doing fun runs, mainly for the atmosphere, but there’s always been a competitive side of me that wants to be better! I approached Nadine in April 2013 because I […]

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