Activeliving Tribes

With Activeliving Tribes you not only have the accountability, viagra  and influence from your coach but your entire group creating a bond that is extremely powerful. The concept is very interactive, medic  communication via discussion, malady debate and consoling. Your TRIBE is built on trust, respect, and commitment not only to yourself but your training tribe.

Your Training tribe will not let you give up, lose focus, they will be with you the whole way that is what family do. Activeliving Tribes can be supported by your personal training program or a stand alone exercise regime .It will draw people with different motives to train with a common goal of achieving, and sharing success. It doesn’t matter if your participating in training tribes for weightloss, more energy, getting fitter to complete an event, training tribes will allow you to share trials and tribulations of your journey.

Click on the image below to enlarge, if you need to see it clearer.

Tribe Group Descriptions



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