Activeliving – The Wellness Company

Mission Statement

“To provide a sanctuary where mind, body and spirit are cultivated and nurtured, through a commitment to excellence in the support, education and progression of client wellbeing. To lead in the field of proactive health through the provision of specialist professional services.” 

Nadine and Dan Sullivan, directors of Activeliving

Activeliving The Wellness Company was established in early 2003.  It was the vision of Dan and Nadine Sullivan to offer a facility that provides unquestionable customer service, delivers fitness results that speak for them self and a level of satisfaction that maintains clients for life. Activeliving has successfully been able to create a complete emphasis on actually achieving sustainable results, real success, real accomplishments, and real happiness for all of our clients.

Activeliving strive to provide a caring, supportive environment where you won’t feel fear or intimidation that is completely user friendly and where you can progress at your sustainable pace.
Dan and Nadine have both led active lifestyles – Nadine an extensive background in classical, modern and jazz dance and Dan in martial arts and rugby, coupled with their love for the great outdoors, Activeliving was an appropriate name for their business looking at the way they like to live their lives. Their goal is to make health and wellbeing a top priority in your life.

In 2005 Dan and Nadine’s vision of pro-active health for all out grew their previous location, they wanted to create an all encompassing wellness company, an environment people could be pro active about their state of wellness, with a philosophy of prevention rather than cure. They re- located the business to a purpose built location and took a more rounded approach adding the Bodytreatment division along side Bodycoaching . This division provided the edition  of a dietician, psychologist, osteopath, naturopath , masseuse, skin therapist and exercise physiologist to the team. In fact  with the inclusion of ActiveLiving Bodytreatments we  have a service for every dimension of wellness, we like our clients to know they have a team of specialists supporting them and that is exactly the atmosphere that is created at the new centre as we nurture you to success.

With support, education and progression ActiveLiving encourages people to help themselves from negativity and unhealthy thought patterns and achieve health freedom.  Our client focused programs reinforce what a unique operation Activeliving Bodycoaching and Activeliving BodyTreatments provide Within Activeliving the wellness company to the community.

Active Living The Wellness Company is a proud member of Fitness Australia.

Fitness Australia is responsible for implementing and overseeing the  Fitness Industry Code of Practice – a Code specifically designed to protect the physical and financial well being of the exercising public by creating a set of industry standards for fitness centres to adhere to. Several major requirements of the Code include:

  • Protection of the consumer in relation to memberships;
  • Quality of service provided across the industry;
  • Consistent standard of service delivery through training and qualifications;
  • Fitness Australia  exists to represent industry;
  • To liaise with the government;
  • To improve industry standards;
  • Increase skills; and
  • To grow the fitness and health industry.

Fitness Australia is all about setting standards, ‘raising the bar’ and ensuring a credible, reliable industry which protects the interests of customers and provides realistic careers for employees. Fitness Australia ensures that all fitness leaders are fully trained and nationally registered, and then ensures that standards are maintained via a continuing education program. Fitness Australia also encourages the development of professional business skills in areas of fitness centre management.

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