mirror fat skinnyThe most popular topic nominated by the community of the TheConfidante in 2013 year was to  consider our health and diet more in 2014, drugs  so here’s a simple acronym to help you:   WHY WEIGHT?

WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF?  THOUGHTS => ACTIONS:  Every moment we engage in self-talk.  Consider what are you telling yourself each day in relation to health and fitness?  Evaluate it.

HAPPY FOODS:   If you’re going to cheerfully succeed in this challenge, cough you may as well choose mood boosting foods such as berries, bananas, dark chocolate, avocado, salmon and spinach.  See a dietician or naturopath for more ideas!
YES I CAN!    Ever tried positive affirmations?  No more, “I should..”, “I could…” BUT  “Yes I am an energetic force.”  Post them up on your mirror, in your car, make them visible encouragers of the truth!

WEEKLY  ACCOUNTABILITY.  Set realistic and achievable timeframes then reward yourself in increments!

EACH OTHER:  Like it or not, we are created relational beings.  Call, Text, Email encouragements.  Train together – so it happens!  BE ACCOUNTABLE.   Don’t wait until…?  Call in on the support of a buddy!  Rely on each other NOW for goal accountability and check in with each other weekly as to your achievements

INHIBIT the activity of the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) of your brain and activate your dorsal prefrontal cortex (DPFC)  – considered the pivotal site for cognitive behaviour.  Research shows that successful dieters have different “software” running in them. Can you reprogram your mind to run software for successful dieting? YES and the answer lies in your habits. You can rewire your “software” by cultivating new habits for healthy weight loss.  People usually fall of the weight loss wagon because they go to the extremes. They try to go on deprivation type diets. Their body fights back with a vengeance. The best way to reprogram the mind is by learning and practising healthy weight loss habits. Practise these habits for 21 to 90 days and you would have reprogrammed your internal software.

GREY MATTER is affected by a higher Body Mass Index.  Do your own research about reduced brain tissue, lower cognitive function and memory loss which will be plenty to motivate you!

HORMONES:  Overweight people also generally have higher levels of the insulin hormone. Insulin is a potent fat storage hormone. An overweight person may or may not be diabetic. The insulin hormone can stay elevated for long periods before medical tests show the sign of diabetes. The chronic elevation of insulin levels is detrimental to the body and the brain. Published studies prove the degenerative effects of excess insulin on cognitive functions and brain volume.

TRACK YOUR WINS:  What can a small achievement be for this month?  One walk per week?  No dessert three nights per week?  Write them down and reward yourself (not with dessert!)

Change needs repetition for at least 21 days!

Habits can be CHANGED!

Act on Achievable targets

Never Give Up

Give yourself incremental rewards

Enjoy benefits of an ENERGETIC, HEALTHY, ZESTFUL YOU in 2014!

I look forward to supporting you with the tools and strategies you or your friends and family require to attaining their success in health and fitness and happiness in 2014.

Joanne Wilson also works amongst a team of highly regarded health practitioners and fitness professionals  at Activeliving The Wellness Company, on the Sunshine Coast and IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO BEGIN!

TheConfidante has formulated a handy little prompt card to add to your wallet or purse to remind you in 2014.  If you’d like your FREE one posted in the New Year, along with a FREE motivating check in text, simply email jo@theconfidantecounselling.com with your name, mobile telephone number and your Australian mailing address.  (Your details will remain confidential and not used for any other purpose)

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